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Pack Trips 
Spot Pack Trips:
You and Your gear are taken in and dropped off at a desirable place in the wilderness near a stream or lake. We return for you on a designated date. The only days you pay us for are the day in and the day out. The cost is the same for a two day or week long trip. The cost will vary somewhat based on how many people are in the party and how much gear they take, which determines the number of animals and packers. Riding both ways with a normal amount of gear, a spot trip averages about $250.00 per person round trip.
Extended pack trips:
As in a spot trip it is your gear and food, but the packer and animals remain with your party for the duration of your trip. While our packer is with your party, you provide meals for him/her and he/she handles stock and packing. The great thing about an extended trip is having a horse to get you around from place to place and your camp can even be moved if you like. Costs again depend upon how many people go and how much gear they take.
Full Service Trips:
Require a minimum of four people to set up and typically last from 4 to 6 days, although longer or shorter trips can be arranged. We provide the packer, stock, food tents, cooking gear and also the cook. Yes, we even bring the shower. The food is great! Would you believe pineapple upsidedown cake baked fresh in a dutch oven, fresh veggies, meat and real milk? You may bring up to 35 pounds of personal gear, clothing, sleeping bag and pad, fishing and camera gear.
   Contact us as soon as you choose your dates so we can book your trip.
  Reservations are taken year round. Season for packing is Mid - June through September.
Horseback Rides Guided Rides at Huntington Lake:Two-Hour Ride: At  9, 11:30 and 2
We have beautiful trails for all abilities. On the mountain trailride, you'll be led to a spectacular view of mountain streams and the sight of Huntington Lake from a 9,000 ft. elevation. Or you can ride along the shore of the lake and through meadows and streams, with only a slight elevation change. These rides can be enjoyed by all ages.
Half Day Ride:
Leaves daily at 8 am and at 1 pm: This four-hour ride takes you over Potter Pass (elev. 9,100 ft) to two clear mountain lakes where you'll pause to stretch before returning to the station. The views are spectaculer with sights of Huntington Lake, Red Mountain and the Three Sisters along the way. At Potter Pass, you'll see the craggy Minarets Mountain Range and the back side of Mamouth Mountain ski area.
All-Day Sightseeing:
8 am to 5 pm: This popular trip travels the Kaiser Loop Trail. We take you twenty miles over Kaiser Peak, through meadows, and past sparkling lakes and streams for unforgetable views. Bring a picnic lunch, your camera and a jacket.
All Day Fishing:
8 am to 5 pm. This trip takes about two hours of riding to the cold, clear lakes we have discovered that can amost guarantee you excellent fishing for scrappy brook trout. We can climb to the top of Kaiser Peak (elev. 10,320 ft.), and fish the many lakes just a short hike away or stream fish in the lush mountain meadows near Dinkey Lakes. All you need is your fishing gear, a jacket and a picnic lunch for a day that's sure to be the subject of many fish stories for a long time to come.